Glare Ice

I carved a truck out of a block of ice this morning and drove it to work. I’m quite proud of my sculpting skills. It looks just like a red Ford Ranger with a silver shell cap.

We’ve been managing to keep up with things a bit better lately. Of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that I hired a landscape company to come rake up the leaves at our house and at the rental. Cheating, I know! But the feeling of happiness I get when I look out at our clean lawn was worth it. Okay, maybe that was a pricey indulgence, but I feel so much better. We had the gutters cleaned at both houses, and we have a guy re-roofing the garage at the rental house. We also recently started to have our fireplace reworked so it will use a vent-less gas log.

We still have to knock out all our Christmas cards and wrap presents. But I spent all day last Friday puttering around the house getting stuff put away in the basement, and getting the recycling boxes broken down and loaded in the truck.

And we still have more organizing in the guest room to do. We’re not clear of clutter by a long shot – but I feel a lot better now than I did a few weeks ago.

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