You’ll have to pardon me – this is on of those posts that’s just making notes for myself to refer back to later. Last night I planted in the front flowerbeds:
1 purple lavender
1 orange symphony
1 summertime pink charma
2 Dianthus – Confetti Deep Red
2 Dianthus – Spangled Star
A seed packet of Butterfly Flowers
2 Broadway Lights Daisies
3 Shasta Daisies
2 Coreopsis – Rising Sun
2 Pensteman – X Mexicali
1 Delphinium – Summer Blue
1 Delphinium – Blue Mirror
4 Delosperma – Cooperi Yellow
Over the weekend we planted – Lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, sugar snap peas, rhubarb and green onions.
Still to plant – seed packets of Columbines and more Blue Mirror Delphiniums.
Things I still plant to buy and plant – hostas and Pachysandras in the back at the corner of the house near the deck, to fill in so we don’t have to mow in the awkward corner, and Clematis next to the deck to climb up the trellis. Also, I need to plant the copper pipe trellis from the garage, and start some Clematis growing on it at the side of the house. And I need to finish weeding the side bed, and get some small fencing for around the vegetables, so the bunnies don’t eat them when they start to grow.

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  1. Bil Browning

    And then you get to start working on our garden! LOL
    I’ve been doing a bunch of gardening around here too. Isn’t it fun to have a new house? LOL

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