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A letter from my sister Stacy. When I replied, I pointed out that she should have mentioned a key piece of information up front… the fact that she’s now a blonde. Because I was busy picturing her in various activities (writing a novel, driving on the wrong side of the road, tipping cows) with entirely the wrong hair color. I had to read the message all over again. I also inquired about whether the Combines are John Deere’s are not. Because I was picturing them green. If not, then I need to revise again.

Ok, because I’m incredibly slack at emailing people, here is a brief news update for everybody…
Everything is going fine. Still married with dog, cat, and two rabbits. Still in England. Haven’t had any kids or won the lottery yet and haven’t found time to write that pulitzer prize winning novel yet either.
I learned how to drive a stick-shift in England, which frightens me and everybody else. (English people like to drive as close as possible to the cars in front of them. The preference is to actually drive your car into the back seat of the car ahead of you so that you can carry on a conversation with the driver of that car about how terrible the weather is.)
I’m still doing charity work at the moment, but only for a couple more weeks.
We’ve sold our house (Yipee!) and in a couple of weeks I’ll start a new job in a part of Cambridgeshire called Fenland.
Fenland is in the south east of England, and I’m told it is the closest thing to Kentucky that England can muster. Its very flat and the only landmarks you can see are Combine Harvesters and the occasional horse. I get the impression that if there were cows people might tip them over. People drive very very fast there, but I’m not sure if its because they’re in a hurry to get away or because their Uncle Bob just got a new Combine Harvester and they want to see it.
Joking aside, its very pretty and its close to our favorite beach so it will be a nice place to live (despite being 40 miles from the nearest Starbucks or Subway and 60 miles from Papa Johns. Not that I’m bitter.)
I’ve attached a picture of the house where I think we will live (Meaning, this is where we will live unless someone changes his mind again!). Its the one with the brown door in the middle.
I think that’s all the news I’ve got. Oh, except I’m blond now. Hope everybody else is doing fine!

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