How to Lose Weight

Explanation from a Plastic user on how he lost weight:
I don’t watch fat cals. I don’t eat bread, pasta, and rarely eat white potatoes. I only eat brown rice, early in the day.
A typical day of eating is:
Breakfast: protein drink or a few egg whites with a cup of oatmeal, with a banana or Equal
Mid morning: can of tuna and a green veggie
Lunch: chicken breast and microwaved sweet potato
late lunch: yogurt and/or high protein bar
dinner: green, leafy salad with small amount of tomatoes with chicken breast or can of tuna
I supplement with a good multi-vitamin and exercise.
Exercise regimen includes running 3-4 miles 4 times a week and regular weight training (real weight, progressive resistance).

And here’s some more info from another guy:
1. Metabolism. Everyone is screaming up and down a bloody blue streak about how you burn calories, and how many you burn, and how to do it. You have a metabolism. It’s how fast your body uses the energy you give it. Some people’s metabolic rate is slow, they gain weight easily, others are fast, they shovel big macs, and don’t gain a pound. The good thing about metabolism is that you can change it. Continued exercise, on a regular basis. That’s it.
2. You can run till your lungs heave, your face is red, and your legs tremble. Your not going to change much doing aerobic exercise. It will burn calories, but only while your doing it, and for a limited time afterward. However, if you pick up the weights, your base metabolic rate will stay elevated, because your body is working to repair the muscles that you have so lovingly torn to shreds. (That’s what your doing when you lift weights, creating tiny tears in the muscle that your body will fill in. Create enough tears, long enough, and they get bigger.)
One pound of lean muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate by something like 10 per cent (I’m generalizing, sorry, don’t have the exact number.)
Ok, that’s it.
In a nutshell….base metabolism faster, generate lean muscle mass, and be careful (but not obsessive) about what you eat.

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