Vivid Dreams

The first dream I had was about a house that I owned with my brothers. We were renting it out to a friend of mine, and I found out that he had a dog, which was okay, but he was keeping it in the crawlspace beneath the house, which was not okay. So the whole dream was about going to rescue the dog and explain why it’s not good to keep it in a crawlspace. For some reason I was being really polite to this friend, instead of being pissy and indignant, like I would be in real life.

The second dream I had was about a video copying place. I went with one of my co-workers to get a home-made video copied onto DVD, and while we were wandering around in the store, we discovered that they also printed books, too — our books, it turned out. They were making pirate copies of books from the company I work at. We started to snoop around a little more, and we stumbled across an executive from our company in a back room; he was startled to see us as much as we were to see him, and it became obvious that he was running this company. So we tried to sneak out the back door, and the mafia showed up in cadillacs. Then I woke up. Writing about it now, this dream makes no sense for a variety of different reasons, but it seemed to while I was dreaming it.

In the third dream I had, Stephanie and I drove up to Valparaiso to meet a friend of hers that I had never met before. I don’t remember of the name of the woman in the dream, and it certainly isn’t an actual friend of Stephanie’s. Anyway, the woman was older and had three or four kids and drove around in a mini-van. Stephanie left me alone with the woman and the kids (which I thought was highly weird) and we ended up going to her house to work on a craft project with all the kids, involving making a full-sized grandfather clock out of clay. (I honestly don’t know why that would be in my head). Suddenly, the woman started hitting on me, in front of the kids. I was really freaked out, and she ended up telling me that Stephanie had encouraged her to do so because Stephanie didn’t like me anymore, and wanted to set me up with someone else so I wouldn’t be heartbroken when she dumped me. And I got really upset and woke up. 🙂

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  1. Zataod

    Cool dreams. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. Not nearly enough bloggers record their dreams.

  2. Mike

    I read about your dream concerning the baby out in the rain. With my limited knowledge (study of my own quirks), I doubt seriously that it means you would actually do such a thing. It does indicate something about what you are feeling about yourself though. My GUESS is that: Your “inner child” (with big ego?, big appetite?, a lot of needs? 😉 feels neglected and needs your care. In short…be good to yourself…attend to your needs (food, clothing, health, love, etc.). That’s my two cents…

  3. Jessica Gardner

    one night… i ate buffalo chicken pizza before i went to bed. Then i had a dream that a man that looked like he was from the 50’s was standing in front of me, smoking a cigar. Then out of nowhere he turned into a HORSE!! and he chased me up a tree. yeah it was weird… whats it mean?

  4. Steph Mineart

    I think it means – don’t eat a buffalo chicken pizza before bed.

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