The Snake Dream

My brother Todd handed me a pure white snake, assuring me it wasn’t poisonous. I held onto it for quite some time, and it bit me several times. When I gave it back to him, I asked him whether I was okay, and he wouldn’t answer, So I called poison control, who told me to go to the hospital.

This was such a weird dream because I hadn’t really talked to my brother recently when I had the dream, so it was strange that he popped up like that. Plus, it’s pretty unlikely he’d hand me a poisonous snake.

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  1. laelani

    I have been having dreams for a very long time, and they are always the same, but not every night. I dream of snakes hundreds of snakes all together, some with faces some with two heads all around me, all over my feet, hanging from the trees, dropping from the trees. Funny thing though they’ve never bitten me. Last night I dreamed of one snake it was black with large yellow circles down it’s back, and in my dream I was walking in the woods with a friend, and my friend was frightened and I said relax it’s just a snake, and I felt good about that.For the first time I wasn’t scared, and in a way it was like an old friend. What does this mean.

  2. Jamal

    Dream is ones personal thing you should never tell your dreams to anyone else except some one very close to you or some interpreter who can explain accordingly. Snake basically means your enemies, now workout from there.

  3. Jamal

    Steph Mineart,
    Dream of a pure believer is 1 of 46% of prophethood.
    If you are making jokes about your dreams or making things up just to have some fun, then I don’t think you are going to have a happy ending in your life, then again it is up to god to decide how to treat whom.

  4. Steph Mineart

    Jamal, None of my dreams are “made up” and I’m not making fun of them, just recognizing what they actually are; my brain processing ideas and memories.

    I am making fun of you, though. I’m quite confident I’ll have a perfectly “happy ending” in my life. I’m certainly very blessed now.

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