Dream Fragments

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I keep a pad of paper near my bedside so that I can write down vivid dreams if I have them. Sometimes, though, if I haven’t quite shaken off the sandman, or if they aren’t particularly memorable, I won’t be able to fill in the details later – that’s what’s happened here. I can’t remember the actual dreams from any of these. But the notes are… well interesting. Honestly, I DON’T dream about my brother Todd that much, I just happen to have written some of them down.

Woman telling me that after you’ve been single for so many years, it’s basically over.

Singles Group pitch-ins

Trying to change clothes

Priestess – malevolent look

The Lemon Orchard

picking lemons and putting them in the back of a truck

Neal and Mitch with tatoos

Peg all dressed up invading the bathroom

Dre & Ten – the pond

Outside someone’s building – still waters – everyone’s swimming

Fire in the house – at first part of 2nd floor gone, come back, my “room” gone. Looters that I chase off

Dream One – Accidentally reformatted Steve’s Hard drive

Titanic – dream with lamb

House dream – Beer cam (yes, that’s “cam” not can)

Kite dream – flying kite with real people into radiation — 50 people’s skeletons, they start to fall off the kite – Todd was flying it

I was at some sort of archeological dig in swampland – tarpits?

Their were piers running out into the water.

They found people holding onto poles – as though the poles were holding them up out of the mud. It was some form of ancient torture.

Ellen (Degeneres) was there – and she was helping demonstrate how to walk thorugh the tarpits on the poles. It was all about how deeply you pushed your poles down in the mud.

At the end of the dream – I demonstrated that I could pole my way across the mud pit by using my poles lightly.

the roof dream

the rat dream

the electricity dream

Bathroom dream – my own room but two bathrooms – fighting with Todd.

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