Yes, I’m specializing in getting diseases (Diverticulitis, Pleurisy) that sound like things your great-grandma suffered from back in the 1800s.
I plan on getting consumption next, followed by typhoid. Then I’ll start talking about my Sciatica. This is ridiculous.
I spent the night in the hospital; Stephanie took me there after work because I had severe abdominal pain. I was sure it was a kidney stone, but was also afraid it was related to my heart cath. Neither, it turned out. They kept me to put me on an IV drip with antibiotics.
Unfortunately, some of the stuff we’ve been doing to eat more healthily probably caused this infection – we’ve been eating tons of high fiber, nuts and berries, strawberries with seeds, whole grain cereals, raw foods, stuff that gets stuck in my colon that I can’t process.
I used to think you were funny, irony, but now I’m going to kick your ass.

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  1. Jay

    I have gout, and it’s tons of fun. You can get it from eating lots of nuts and berries and green veggies (A lot like the diet you were on). I was doing the Abs Diet for 6 months last year and lost a lot of weight, but the diet gave me gout. Scott thinks I should get scurvy next.

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