Overdue Crushable: My Wife

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Since I’ve been talking about crushable women a bunch lately, I realize I’ve been remiss about writing about the most crushable of them all – my beautiful wife Stephanie. I know I talk about her occasionally and post photos, but I haven’t really gone all out very many times, have I? I know I’m probably being selfish because I don’t like to share. But in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be nice and let you see how cute Stephanie is. If only to make you jealous.

She a total bookworm, much like a real-life Hermione Granger. She figure skates, so she’s hot in those short skate dresses. She’s a bad-ass editor for a publishing company who is completely fearless about correcting chalkboard menu misspellings in public. And she’s totally into me – which is the most attractive quality a woman can have, in my opinion.

Check out these photos of her being awesome.

Lisa and Jason's Wedding
At a friend’s wedding

Scooter Riding
On the scooter

Talking on the phone about how awesome I am

Wheel of Fortune Tryouts
Trying out for Wheel of Fortune with our pal Melissa because she’s a word nerd & WOF brainiac.

English Telephone Booth
Popping into a phone booth to change to her super hero identity

Stephanie and giant squirrel
Taming wild beasts

Stephanie and Lion
Taming more wild beasts

Skate Indy 2010
Winning one of many gold medals at skating competitions

Downtown Photo Walk
Making cute faces at the camera
Downtown Photo Walk

Downtown Photo Walk Downtown Photo Walk Downtown Photo Walk Downtown Photo Walk Downtown Photo Walk Downtown Photo Walk

And of course, my favorite thing my wife has done: marry me
Our Wedding - Becki's Photos

Now aren’t I the luckiest duck ever?

  1. Chi

    If I didn’t already know and love her, I’d fall for Stephanie based on that yellow-shirt-look-over-the-top-of-the-glasses pic. 😀 Great collection, lucky dyke. Erm, duck. 😉


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