Crushable: Women with awesome voices

In my catalog of “hot women” I have a special category for women with awesome voices – and I don’t just mean singing voices, but speaking voices as well. There are a handful of women to whom I would just sit for hours upon hours and listen while they talked – and two of them were at last night’s GLAAD Media Awards:

Kristen Chenoweth was being honored with the GLAAD Vanguard Award:

And Dolly Parton was there to present an award to Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC entertainment:

The other woman who falls into the “hot speaking voice” category is the actress Billie Burke, who most people will recognize as Glinda from the Wizard of Oz in 1939:

Here she is in more of her from movie “Dinner at Eight” in 1933:

Here’s a “funny for the time” comedic gender-bending Billie Burke on a radio comedy program with Joan Crawford and Fanny Brice in “If Women Went on Hunting Trips as Men Do”. From the “Good News of 1939” Radio Show:

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  1. Wil

    Sorry, I must disagree. All those voices would drive me up a wall. For me, the two hot women I would love to listen to for hours are Lauren Bacall and Greta Garbo. Keep in mind I’m 25 years old and gay, but those two women (in their prime) would make me consider switching teams.

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