Christmas 2005, so far

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I’m way behind in my Christmas obligations this year. I’m not done shopping, which I usually have finished before Thanksgiving. I haven’t got my Christmas cards sent, which I usually have in the mail the Monday after Thanksgiving. I haven’t got my house decorated, which I usually do the first week of December. This year, the decorating is going by the wayside, due to lack of time but after seeing this helpful home decorating blog, I got my form back to make this the best Christmas ever in my life. If I’m lucky I’ll have my cards out, and more of my shopping done by the end of the weekend.

After last year’s exhausting Christmas season, and the terrible, horrible no-good, very-bad year we’ve had so far, Stephanie and I decided we’d try to scale back on some of our holiday social activities in order to keep our sanity and health, and jobs and homes. So far it’s been pretty good, but the stray cat obligation and the repeat visits to the city-county building for Prop 622 are sucking up all the extra time we bought back. So we’re in somewhat the situation we were last year, only we’ve seen less of our friends, which is sort of the opposite of what we would like to accomplish with our Christmas season.

I keep writing “Christmas” as my favorite holiday on all of my friend surveys, but for the last two years at least, it’s been anything but. I’m thinking Arbor Day will be my new favorite holiday soon.

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  1. Denise

    No, Labor Day. My favorite. You are not obligated to do or feel anything special. You are free to do what you want and there is no judgement from anyone concerning how you spend the day. There are no built in costs.

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