Lucy on the loft stairs
It’s Caturday!
Me, with my new monkeys
Here’s the photo set of my birthday pictures!
There’s a really awesome picture of Dan in my birthday set; Stephanie snapped the photo just as a waiter dropped a glass in the kitchen and he jumped.
And here are some pictures from woodruff place last weekend.
Woodruff Place Flea Market
See the whole photo set on Flickr.
Also, a picture of our vegetable garden growing.
Our vegetable garden

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  1. Denise Maindelle

    Hi Steph,
    I love your blog but don’t comment very often.
    I know how you love monkeys and I thought you might enjoy this expression from one of my co-workers. I had never heard this one before. When more than one person is just making a mess of things: How many monkeys does it take to fuck a football?
    Have a nice Sunday,

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