people-powered mower

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Bought a people-powered mower this weekend and mowed the lawn. Cool. My arms are tired, but the lawn looks great and it’s a small, efficient mower that doesn’t need gas or create air pollution. My lawn is green in every sense of the word.
This guy is interesting. He’s got an interesting design and he’s and excellent writer with a lot of provocative ideas.

  1. Steph Mineart

    I ended up getting rid of my people-powered mower when I moved to my new house. It was pretty tough to use and never quite got the grass evenly mowed, unfortunately. I had to mow twice a week or the grass would be too long and would just bend over, and I’d end up using the weed eater to chop it down again before it would be short enough to use. In retrospect, I would pick and electric-charging mower if I were going for a green-friendly option


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