Bottle Cap Art Car Project – the finale

We took the Art Car to Michigan City this weekend to turn it over to Stephanie’s niece Raven. Stephanie went up on Saturday and taught her how to drive a stick, and I went up on Sunday to help finish up work on the car and to drive Stephanie home. We ended up finishing most of the car – the roof and two corners of the bumper are all that remain to be covered with bottle caps, and Raven has enough to finish them up.

It was kind of bittersweet; we love the car but really don’t need it. Raven most certainly will benefit from a way to get to and from work without having to catch a ride. But working on the car was so much fun, and the finished product turned out really awesome. We’re anxious to do another one someday.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for posting and documenting the process.
    It looks awesome.

  2. ray depuy

    was considering doing this to my jeep. all my friends think im crazy. you would probally get a kick out of my christmas tree made from 2200 beer bottles

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