Big fat social weekend

Big fat social weekend it was. I went to the pitch-in looking for Lori, but stayed to talk to Tonya, then went to the State Fair with Dan and Doug and Jim and Chad on Saturday, had a meal at Jim and Chad’s, then went to a party to meet Jason’s boyfriend Chip. Seems like I’ve seen Chip somewhere before.

Then on Sunday, I went to a Fever game with Tonya and went to Brothers after. Brothers is pretty pathetic; they’re trying to imitate the decor at Ruth Ellen’s, but really badly. They have these goofy, dumb straw hats stapled to the walls that are supposed to make you think of the nice pillbox hats on the walls at Ruth Ellen’s. Yet more proof that there are indeed gay men who have no taste and can’t decorate worth a damn.
Also, I bought “Sex in the City” season two, gave Dan and Doug back the kitchen table and chairs, and put the rugs in the basement, finished the MSDS sheets on my Dad’s site, and did laundry. No laying around doing nothing for me.

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