Balcony Finished

The contractor we hired to re-deck our balcony finished in two days flat, which is pretty impressive. This was a new contractor we hired, because the guy who’s been working on our gutters for eight months couldn’t manage to get to the balcony job, and we’ve had water coming into our kitchen all winter.
But now we have to paint the new balcony floor, post and rails, which we started on today. We need to get the wood covered so it doesn’t get warped and wet, but the off and on rain/snow keeps getting in the way. And I’m leaving Friday for, so we have to fit the rest of the painting in with not much time.
And regarding my old house, most of the repairs are done. We seem to still have an offer on the table as of today, as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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