Questions from my sister

Pontification requested:
1. Is there really good and bad/black and white/ right and wrong in the world, or is everything in shades of grey/gray? (deeds, not people. People would be a whole different discussion)
2. Jealousy: Your thoughts?
Brief update: not yet married. Kittens are healthy. Hair is short.
Thoughts from the pontiff:
1. Ranges from dark, dark greys to very light greys.
2. When I am jealous, it is an indication that:
a) I care deeply about the relationship I’m in.
b) I have an instinctive feeling that someone’s motives aren’t trustworthy. Usually it isn’t the person that I’m involved with, but rather the person who seems to be intruding into the relationship that I feel isn’t trustworthy. In retrospect, my instinct was correct 100% of the time; those persons were indeed trying to intrude.
In these situations, the response I expect from the person that I’m in a relationship is: “I respect your instincts. Therefore, I will tell [intrusive person] to bugger off.” I’ve gotten that response from my partner only once.

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