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Rearranging the letters of ‘Stephanie Ann Mineart’ gives:

Heap as in entrainment.                 I'm an inherent peasant.
In anathema in present.                 Amen! heap in transient.
Entrainment in a shape.                 Is an entrainment heap.
Amen! inherent as paint.                In permanent as in hate.
In permanent as in heat.                Amen! sentient piranha.
In sheep-tamer in an ant.               Entrainment in a phase.
Hasten preen maintain.                  I am an intense panther.
In anathema in serpent.                 Isn't anathema in preen.
Inherent as inapt mean.                 Inherent as inapt name.
Inherent as mean paint.                 Paint as inherent name.
Meant as inherent pain.                 An inherent pain mates.
Inherent, main peasant.                 Then maintain as preen.
Heap mean in transient.                 Heap name in transient.
I am the preen in an ants.              I'm the rapes in antenna.
I'm the spare in antenna.               Amen! separate in ninth.
An insane, I'm the parent.              Amen! inherent as inapt.
I am inherent, sane pant.               I'm a sane, inherent pant.
Eh! permanent as in an it.              Anathema in spinneret.
An inherent, inapt seam.                An inherent, same paint.
I am a pan, inherent nest.              I am a pan, inherent nets.
I am a net, inherent span.              An inherent, main tapes.
A then preen maintains.                 Piranhas in a tenement.
I an entrainment shape.                 I am this preen antenna.
Amen! is an inherent pat.               Amen! is an inherent tap.
Amen! inherent as in pat.               Amen! inherent as in tap.
Amen! inherent as pan it.               An inherent, I am a spent.
Amen! as an inherent pit.               Amen! as an inherent tip.
Ha! permanent, insane it.               Ahem! entertain in span.
Amen! inherent as a pint.               I'm the spear in antenna.
Tape an inherent mains.                 Paint an inherent seam.
Inherent, animate span.                 Maintain panther seen.
In a permanent hates in.                In a permanent heats in.
Maintain the pan sneer.                 A permanent, insane hit.
I am inherent, neat span.               I'm a neat, inherent span.
Aha! in pertinent means.                Aha! in pertinent names.
Anathema pets in inner.                 Ahem! in inane patterns.
In a permanent as in the.               The preen maintains an.
An inherent, main paste.                Mean sentient piranha.
Name sentient piranha.                  I phase an entrainment.
Heap entertain in mans.                 Eh! pain as entrainment.
Anathema enters in pin.                 Hesitate pan in manner.
Amen! threaten in pains.                I am the insane 'n' parent.
I am the inner, sane pant.              I'm the pan in an earnest.
Ahem! in insane pattern.                Piranha as in tenement.
Amen! entertain in hasp.                An intent remains heap.
An intents remain heap.                 Heap rename in instant.
Eh! Amen! transient pain.               I am the pan, insane rent.
Spin enter in anathema.                 Pertain insane anthem.
Ahem! pan in an interest.               The prime as in antenna.
Amen! this inane parent.                Steam an inherent pain.
An inherent pain teams.                 An inherent pains team.
I am nineteen rash pant.                Ninth separate in mean.
Ninth separate in name.                 Meant intense piranha.
Amen! in a pertinent ash.               I'm the napier's antenna.
Antennae pertain hims.                  Pin resent in anathema.
Harm as inapt nineteen.                 Harm as nineteen paint.
Amen! in the parent as in.              The main, insane parent.
Amen! in the insane trap.               Amen! arisen in the pant.
Amen! retain in the span.               Stain inherent apeman.
Inherent as innate map.                 Thinner emanates pain.
Amen! thirteen as in pan.               Threaten in insane map.
Amen! threaten as in pin.               Hearten pens maintain.
Amen! in pain threatens.                An impertinent as a hen.
Then impairs antennae.                  I am then, insane parent.
I'm a then, insane parent.              Antennae inter mishap.
Amen! inter in pheasant.                Aha! in pre-eminent ants.
I am the pan, intense ran.              Parse in I'm the antenna.
An antenna, I'm the spire.              An inner, I'm the peasant.
Shame entertain in pan.                 In mean as in the parent.
In name as in the parent.               Maintain 'n' as the preen.
I'm the rapes in antenna.               I'm the spare in antenna.
Amen! inapt as the inner.               Amen! paint as the inner.
This antenna, I'm a preen.              Hit as permanent inane.
I'm an inherent ants ape.               I'm an inherent eats pan.
I'm an inherent teas pan.               I am inherent 'n' peasant.
Am inherent peasant in.                 Amen! thinner as in tape.
Amen! span in a thirteen.               Amen! neither as in pant.
Amen! therein as in pant.               Amen! span neither an it.
Amen! threaten in a spin.               Hearten pen maintains.
I am nineteen pan trash.                Amen! pertain in as then.
An intense, I'm a panther.              I am nineteen sharp ant.
Entire mishap antenna.                  Amen! in an entire paths.
Ha! is rampant nineteen.                Has ape in entrainment.
An inane, I'm the parents.              Print anathema in seen.
Sneer anathema in pint.                 An inner, patient shame.
An insane, I'm the parent.              Amen! in the pan retains.
A permanent inane hits.                 Seat in an inherent map.
In an inherent ate maps.                In an inherent maps eat.
In an inherent tea maps.                Inherent tape as in man.
Inherent pat as in mean.                Inherent pat as in name.
Inherent tap as in mean.                Inherent tap as in name.
Seam in an inherent pat.                Tap in an inherent seam.
Pet as an inherent main.                Met as an inherent pain.
Pin as an inherent mate.                Pin as an inherent meat.
Pin as an inherent team.                Emit as an inherent pan.
Inherent pan as an item.                Pan as an inherent time.
Inherent pan as mean it.                Inherent name as pan it.
Inherent pan as in mate.                Inherent pan as in meat.
Inherent pan as in team.                Amen! inherent as I pant.
Amen! I an inherent past.               Pit as an inherent mean.

The following are the 10 longest words made using some of the letters:

entrainment                             impertinent
intemperate                             maintainers
nine-tenths                             sheep-tamer
tea-parties                             terminates
anti-semite                             apartments

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