10 Weird Things/Habits/Little Known Facts About Yourself

Picked up from Lisa. This is a hard meme, because, what haven’t I shared at one time of another? This site is 12 years old, I never shut up (ever), and I’ve answered all you questions, officer. But I’ll give it a shot.
1. I ate the tequila worm once at a party on a dare. I talked another girl into doing the same thing at the same time (there were two bottles) and she really wanted to chicken out, but she didn’t.

2. I know how to cook the perfect chicken gizzard. It’s very difficult to get it correct; usually they come out rubbery and tough to chew, but I can make them easy to eat. I learned the secret to doing it correctly at a little independent chicken restaurant I worked at in the summer during high school. Fried chicken gizzards and livers were two of their specialities. This restaurant was in Noblesville on Conner Street, and all of their customers were white (because I know what you were thinking).

3. I LOVE chicken gizzards (although I haven’t had one since I worked there).

4. The fact that I love chicken gizzards grosses even me out a little.

5. I make up little fantasies in my head all the time – ala Walter Mitty. I think it’s utterly retarded that I do this, but I daydream these little things up all the time anyway. From the time I was 11 years old, the subject of my weird daydreams was usually Princess Diana, and when she died I was completely devastated.

6. I can’t believe I actually wrote down number 5 and admitted it in public.

7. I hate it when the sheet and the blanket get separated from one another and one is longer than the other, or there’s more of one of the hanging off the side of the bed than the other. This will actually keep me up at night. I used to combat this by having my covers be solely a comforter covered with a duvet cover, so I could switch the covers to wash, but have a single covering on me at night that wouldn’t get messed up. But Stephanie gets too hot that way, so we have a sheet, blanket and quilt on the bed, and they drive me nuts.

8. Whenever I go up or down the stairs, I mentally count the number of stairs. This is how I know there are different numbers of stairs between floors at my work.

9. I’m fairly certain that my belly button is a different shape now than it was before my appendectomy surgery.

10. I have an unconscious habit of rubbing my hands together whenever I’m planning something. I don’t realize I’m doing it until someone points it out to me. Alternatively, I’ll rub the back of my head for the same reason. I’m obviously a total spaz.

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