Sports Teams with Funny Names

I got a bunch of questions about why I posted all these sports teams… um, because their names are funny. See? Appleknockers! That’s a real team name! Ha! Funny! Okay, maybe it’s just me. But my cousins went to a school where the team name is “The Maroons.” You can guess how some people pronounced that.

The Hoopeston Cornjerkers

The Freeport Pretzels

Butte Pirates

The Effingham Flaming Hearts

Fisher Bunnies

Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts

The Cobden Appleknockers

Appleton West Terrors vs. Appleton East Patriots

Yuma High School Criminals

Blue Hens, University of Delaware

Hickman Kewpies

Union Laguna Cotton Pickers

Lewisville Texas Fighting Farmers

Tillamook Cheesemakers


Scottsdale (Arizona) Community College Fighting Artichoke

Topeka’s Seaman High School vs. The Topeka High Trojans

Richland High School Bombers

Watersmeet High School Nimrods

William College Ephs (Purple Cows)

UCSC Banana Slugs

Poca High School Dots

Chinook High School Sugar Beeters

Winters High School Blizzards

Rhinelander High School Hodags

Virginia Tech Hokies

Washburn University Ichabods

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  1. tom candiotti

    Williams = Ephs, not Purple Cows

  2. billy joe

    well i personally like the name JEDI KNIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!! i have watched starwars like 23984279871923874123 times and would really appreciate to have a team named after their hard work… one day i would LOVE to join the jedi knights…and conquer the world!!!!!!!!!!
    may the force be with you all you dedicated fans
    -billy joe

  3. Bazil

    Those high school teams are from WI arnt they? Im from WI lol Your blog popped up when I was searching for funny team names. Oh Sconnie!

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