Farmer’s Daughters

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Author Unknown

A farmer had three lovely daughters that he never allowed to date. The girls were beginning to worry that if they didn’t get the opportunity to date soon, they would all end up old spinsters.

So after all three repeatedly begged the farmer to be allowed to date, he said, " OK girls, you win! I will let you go out on a date this Saturday. But these have to be nice young men, who will behave like gentlemen."

The girls said, "Oh, thank you papa, they will all be very nice boys."

So Saturday night finally comes around, and at 7:30 there’s a knock at the door.

The farmer opens the door on a presentable young man who says, " Hi, My name’s Eddy, I came for Betty, we’re going to eat spagetti. Is she ready?" The farmer scratched his head and called for Betty, and the couple leave.

A few minutes later there’s another knock at the door, and the farmer answers. He opens the door on another presentable young man who says, "Hi, My name’s Jer, I came for Clair, we’re going to the fair. We’re going to meet friends there!" The farmer calls for Clair and the happy couple are on their way.

A monent later there’s a third knock at the door. Again the farmer finds a presentable young man who says, "Hi, My name’s Buck!"

The Farmer shot him!

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