English as a Fifth Language

Mitch Hagan

These sayings were on a pad of paper my boss got in Chinatown:

Nothing last forever but the tomato

The baby emits warm skin smell, the baby’s fresh fragrance

When you are beside me have alway needs you

Let’s eating 1,2,3! Enjoy your happy time!

Call me name right out loud.

When you have problem remember me. I will always beside you.

What though life conspire to cheat you, do not sorrow or complain.

On dazzling shiny days, let us long for the loved ones.

I have come to here to give your good luck.

Life’s made up of little things. No great sacrifice of duty.

"I Knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque."

Cats like to survey their territory

The rain murmurs in the garden like a chick lisping furtively.

I’ve forgot. Not today or tomorrow.

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