4:05p.m. – Fictional Blogging Panel Notes (SXSWi 2007)

4:05p.m. – Fictional Blogging Panel

Liz Henry, Developer Advocate – Socialtext
Odin Soli, Dir Business Dev – Aveso Inc

Rough Panel Notes:
Very interesting panel on fictional blogging as an art form, and the ethics of it. Again, my rough, not cleaned up notes because I don’t have time.
Fictional blogging: art form vs. lying/hoaxes?
it raises issues of truth, openness, secrecy
fictional blogging is not just putting a chapter of your book online. Can be:
blogging as your novels main character
role-playing – collaborative fiction
creative ecospheres
blogging memoir – lightly fictional
obvious lies – shakespeare’s blog
identity experiments
j.t. leroy
infiltration and depth
harry potter fanfic – sock puppets
lonelygirl 15
ben franklin’s prudence goodwife
Plain Layne – fictional, bisexual internet chick
– written by panel moderator Odin Soli
transgression of truth, honesty generates a huge reaction
Fiction used as Marketing
example – psp2 blog – fake teenager
publishers might want to use to promote a book as an extension
fan fiction – the science of play, mmorpgs are collaborative fiction
Ethics – violation of the social contract
Consensuality – warning people of the content before they read
authenticity violations – replacing the voices of someone who actually is that type of person
fictional characters should establish deep online presence
There is not a currently a financial market for long-form fiction online. Need more monetizational models.
Do we want to make fiction online illegal? No – we shouldn’t. But people should do it with messiness and thickness – keep it consensual, create deep worlds.
Lost and other hollywood media establishing fictional sites & creative play.
Allows people to explore ideas – what would harry potter say to genghis kahn and caroline ingalls?

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