But if the gays don’t get you, the Cicadas will…

According to Cicadaville.com, Cincinnati’s cicada authority, “not only are human children are the primary source of nutrition for Cicadas, but Cicadas have a deadly venom that is injected through a small bone like tube known as the “Cicada deadly venom tube.” The venom can kill a human being instantly. In 1987, the last time the Cicadas emerged in Cincinnati, over 7 million people died from Cicada injections. Many people escaped but most perished.”

So save yourselves!!!

What should I do if a Cicada knocks on my door and pretends to be a Jehovah’s Witness?
This is a common occurrence. If it happens to you don’t panic. Simply invite the Cicada in to hear your Amway presentation. This is generally a strong enough repellant.

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