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  • Alice Austen was one of the first American women to become a photographer, and the style she developed anticipated the genre of documentary photography. She lived the life of an independent, genteel woman during the Victorian Age, but she also defied convention and challenged stereotypes in both her work and in her personal life. Although Alice Austen was certainly not the first lesbian photographer, she was the first who is known to have photographed lesbians who could be recognized as lesbians. Using the camera's power of authenticity, Austen photographed her friends in a way that seems remarkably overt for 1900.
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  • Please, friends, don't worry about me. While I was a bit startled to be thrown aside for someone who flunked out of nun school, I assure you that I will be fine, and my main pursuits in life shall continue to be martinis, bon mots, and looking fabulous. You'll also be glad to know I have retained custody of the Captain's hard-drinking gay friend, Max. Anyone who gets tired of sing-a-longs should feel free to look us up.

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