I’ve posted this link before, but I’m doing it again, because Rob has posted more stuff: Rob likes to test things and do amateur scientific experiments, like How much is in a can of EZ Cheese? His latest is How Much is in a Million Dollars. I like that one. He also plays pranks on people. My favorite prank is the giant banana sign he hung outside a mall. There seemed to be a piece of art missing from the mall, so he made his own replacement, and put it up.
But a close second is the prank he played on Google. They were sending a guy (chad) riding his bike across country, and you were supposed to send in a photo of Chad if you happened to see him in your area. Well Rob decided to take a bunch of fake photos of himself dressed up as Chad the Biker, and have all his friends all over the country send them in. Pretty fun. Also, he makes cool craft type art experiments, Like this paparazzi costume. In all, I think Rob is really cool. He seems to like life, and have funny friends. That’s the kind of guy we all want to know.

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