Your Inlaws Are Coming to Live With You

The Social Security issue is a bit complex, and because of this the lies Bush is telling about it are hitting home with the average American who doesn’t understand the 3-ton elephant that is about to sit on their heads. I actually had a friend say to me the other day, {cue Republican soundbite} “It’s my money, and I can decide better than the government how to spend it.” Totally missing the point that the government can protect & guarantee your money from disappearing better than you can if you put it in a “private” account that’s dependent on the stock market. The only people who benefit from privatizing Social Security are big businesses.

So here are some easy to follow explanations of the situation…
Here’s some analysis of the Social Security situation, from Salon Magazine, in two different articles. [Article 1] [Article 2].
And then Big Media Matt explains Bush’s Totally F&%#ed-Up Social Security Plan, and how it’s going to bankrupt the average American and be hugely expensive, to boot.

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