WTC Attacks: Saudi Government Helped Al-Qaeda, Bush Refused to Investigate

Key things that the Bush Administration tried to keep out of yesterday’s report: 1) The Bush Administration knew there were extensive ties between the Saudi government, which we support with lots of $$$, and the Al-Qaeda terrorists. 2) Bush received an intelligence memo in May of 2001 that warned of the coming 9-11 attacks.
Michael Moore was on a talk show recently, suggesting that we know exactly where Osama bin Laden (remember him?) is… but that he’s being put up in a posh hotel owned by the Saudi government, and paid for by our government. And that we can’t (and don’t dare) touch him, because doing so would expose all the connections between our government, the Saudi government, and Al-Qaeda, and how we’ve sold our soul for Saudi Oil. Think about that for a minute — if one of your family died at the World Trade Center, and your government is paying the hotel bill for their killer.
No wonder we’re trying to bomb Saddam Hussein. Because we don’t dare call attention to Saudi Arabia.

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