Who does this look like?

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The actually photo is of Lewis Powell, one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators. The photo was taken in 1865. But I swear the man looks like an actor I’ve seen in a movie or TV show somewhere just recently. I want to say it was something historical – like a Jane Austen movie, or something along those lines, and that the modern day actor who looks like him is English. It’s just not coming to mind at moment, and it’s going to bug me until I figure it out.

Lewis Powell

UPDATE: I figured out who I was thinking of, although he wasn’t in a Jane Austen movie – actor Karl Urban, who played the new McCoy in Star Trek and he was a character in Lord of the Rings.

Lewis Powell Lewis Powell Lewis Powell

Although honestly, I think Powell is more handsome with the square jaw. Similar penetrating stares, though.

  1. Rachel

    Are you sure it’s not Toby Stephens? He’s who I thought of first — then looked on IMDb and saw that he was in Blue Geranium, I had no idea! Toby is Maggie Smith’s son.
    Also looks a bit like a young Christopher Reeve!

  2. Bluestocking

    What a great photograph. It does look like a less handsome Toby Stephens.


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