Top Ten Conservative Idiots (#201)

I usually link to one of my favorite Top Ten lists on Mondays, but this week I’m late. Of course they count down the best of conservative misbehavior, only this week, they included the best reader submissions. Here’s an sample of my very favorite:

Back in 1991-92 I was a volunteer escort at an abortion clinic in Fargo, ND. This was when Operation Rescue came to town to whip the local Lambs of Christ into even more of a frenzy. The very Reverend Keith Tucci gave a free public address, which some of us attended in the spirit of “know thy enemy.” Of all idiocy spewed that night, the real jaw dropper was when Reverend Tucci explained how he justifies denying an abortion to a woman who has been raped. He said, “You shouldn’t punish a rapist by killing his child.”

Now if you know enough information about me, you can guess why I might decide to take a swing at the very Reverent Tucci if he ever shows up here in Indianapolis.

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