Top Ten Conservative Idiots, Number 120

Oops, forgot to link to this yesterday, on my designated “say shitty things about the retard in the oval office” day. So here it is, the list. Last week, little Georgie held his very own press conference with out any extra help from the grownups. They don’t let him do that very often (only 9 times so far, compared to Clinton’s 22 at this stage, and Bush senior’s 80+) because he tends to say really stupid shit when he’s not reading from a script that someone else wrote. And true to form, he did so at this press conference, too, blaming the crummy economy on the media for putting “The March to War” on their graphics back in the spring. Of course it has nothing to do with his dumbass tax cuts or the 70 billion+ that we’re spending on a unnecessary and illegal war.

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