Three Companies to Avoid

What follows has been lifted from an article called “Top Ten “Anti-Gay” Companies” that was published in a Christian magazine called Business Reform (hence the anti-gay language). Don’t shop here:

4. Meijer Inc.
Industry: Retail
Why We Picked Them: Meijer made the number 9 spot in 2004 on Forbes’ list of the 200 Largest Private Companies, and yet they still have succeeded where retail king Wal-Mart has failed. No domestic partner benefits, nothing about gays in the workplace written into the company manual, and no overt support of the GLBT lifestyle or agenda.
8. RadioShack
Industry: Retail
Why We Picked Them: With industry mates Borders Group, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and SC Johnson & Son getting high praise from pro-gay groups like The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC), RadioShack has retained most of their values when it comes to not supporting the homosexual agenda. The company offers no benefits for domestic partners, and requires no sexual diversity training. RadioShack also does not support any GLBT groups financially.
9. Exxon Mobile
Industry: Energy and Utilities
Why We Picked Them: Exxon, in 1999, was only the second company in
American history to rescind domestic partner benefits for its employees (Perot Systems Corp. was the first-see above). It also rescinded its sexual non-discrimination policy that was once in its employee handbook. Exxon is not exactly on the HRC’s list of favorite companies, given that Exxon regularly donates money to organizations dedicated to upholding traditional family values.

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