liberal european cultures and fundamentalist Muslims

This is a really fascinating article on the difficulties liberal european cultures face when fundamentalist Muslims emigrate to their countries. Muslims, who believe that homosexuals and women who are raped should be put to death, are trying to maintain their beliefs and even change the laws of the countries they live in to reflect their beliefs.
To me, there’s a simple solution to this problem:
1. Erect wind turbines throughout the U.S. Doing this in just three key states would produce enough energy to power the entire nation.
2. Legislate the use of hydro-electric fuel cells in all cars. Within 5 years, all cars could be using more energy efficient fuel systems, which would improve the environment and reduce global warming.
3. Get a whole bunch of nuclear bombs, and drop them on every Muslim country. Now that we’re no longer dependent on middle east oil, we have no reason to be allies with the sick fucks who live in Saudi Arabia, and we have no reason to try to negotiate or otherwise deal with Iraq, Iran, or any other backwards ignorant assholes.
Yeah, yeah, I’m not serious. Well, I kind of am. I know I’ve ranted and raved against Bush going to war against Iraq, and I don’t think I’m being inconsistent here. I don’t want Bush to create a war out of thin air to justify his own re-election in 2004, which is the one and only reason he’s even trying to wag that dog with Iraq. He doesn’t have any good reason to go to war. However, I don’t have a problem dropping a bunch of nuclear weapons on the heads of guys who think it’s okay to rape women and to then punish them for being raped by killing them. I’m really pretty much in favor of blowing them to kingdom come.

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