The Top 10 Conservative Idiots (No. 163)

The wingnuts of Team Bush (1,2) were out in force last week trying to knock down John Kerry’s selection of John Edwards as his running mate – to very little avail. Ken Lay (3) was indicted, which was exciting, and George Bush pretended not to know him (again). Meanwhile it was revealed that the Bush Administration (4) are already in the process of organizing an October Surprise – or a “July Surprise” if they get really lucky. And if just in case anyone started asking awkward questions, along came Tom Ridge (5) to scare the pants of everyone with another terror alert – well, more of a terror reminder really. Elsewhere, the Boston Herald (6) are really stretching it by pretending that there’s a link between John Kerry and Enron, Jeb Bush’s Banana Republic of Florida (8) is doing what it can to win the election for Dubya, and the Pentagon (9) has mysteriously mislaid Our Great Leader’s military records. How peculiar.

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