Saudi’s 9/11 flight from country confirmed

For three years, the Bush administration has been denying that Saudi citizens were in flight around the country, and also out of the country during the time when all air traffic was grounded after the 9/11 attack. They admitted some time ago that there were in-country flights containing Saudi citizens during the grounding, (when *you* were trapped at the airport, the Saudi family was being shuttled around via plane) and they have now admitted that at least one plane containing young Saudi men was allowed to leave the country.

I’ll say what every one else knows, but is leaving out — young Saudi men that had a financial connection to George W. Bush’s business dealings… and a connection to the Saudi Royal family and Osama bin Laden.
There’s a reason why we haven’t found him folks… and a reason he’ll be turned over right before the election. It’s all about the $$$.

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