Rush Limbaugh is a crack whore

I’m sorry, but I’m sick of people defending Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction and giving Howard Dean a hard time for bashing Rush’s hypocrisy because he attacked others for drug use while he was higher than a kite. Drug addiction is a serious issue hence it is important to know about factors that leads to drug addiction.You can also click to read more about drug addiction.
I’ve been prescribed OxyContin (which is basically Vicodin) and Darvocet for my open heart surgery, which is far more painful than the “chronic back pain” that Limbaugh claims to have suffered from. So I know a bit about painkillers and what’s necessary to take when your in constant pain. And if you take a good look at the AMOUNT of drugs he was taking — holy shit. He had to have been higher that a crack whore, and there’s no way that amount of drugs was necessary for the “pain” he was undergoing. I’m taking far less drugs than that, and I’m not allowed to drive. He was not only driving while under heavy influence (scary!!!), he was hosting a radio show where he talked shit about people taking drugs and suggested that they should be locked up, while he was higher than any of the people he was criticising.
And I’m sorry, but becoming “addicted” to these drugs isn’t that easy, it’s really not. That’s not a situation where it’s understandable that he might become addicted. No way. He was a fucking drug addict, and he has no business talking moral values at all.

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  1. Anthony Shaw

    This fat bastard did nothing but yell to have people jailed for purchasing illegal drugs. I’m all for giving him a shared suite in Sing Sing with one of those guys he’s been badmouthing.

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