Republicans have small penises

According to a Cornell University study, when men feel their masculinity is threatened, they over compensate by adopting attitudes in support of the Iraq war, expressing interest in buying SUVs, and making homophobic threats.
We needed a study to tell us this?

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  1. Studley Higginbotham III

    Gee, I thought I’d found a great site – lotsa shared interests and themes to explore – until I spotted the stupid ‘Republicans have small penises’ link. If we gotta get tribal, well, wishful thinking, Dem men, Dem women know better ;-)> Ah well, onward and upward…

  2. Steph Mineart

    I sort of killed my own point trying to be flippant with the title, I guess. But the issue really isn’t about penises. It’s about how men behave and why, which is relevant to me because I’ve been on the receiving end of those homophobic threats. That’s serious enough to warrant some exploration, and not dismissal.

  3. Marla Randolph Stevens

    Billionaires For Bush joking aside…
    I know Steph well enough to know that she understands that it’s not the actual size of the penises in question but the men’s insecurities about them, whatever their actual sizes, that makes them do crazy things.
    Actually, the Iraq mess would point to people like Kerry being the most insecure about their appendages, as going along with the neocons in charge was the more extreme example of panicked thinking below the waist.

  4. yay ron paul

    lololol so ron paul has huge dick oh BABY!!!

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