Republican Immorality vs. Democratic Values

Excerpted from the Salon Article, “How should John Kerry talk about values?” The Rev. Andrew Greeley, professor of sociology at the University of Arizona; author of the novel “The Priestly Sins”:
The Democratic Party needs to demonstrate that it shares these values with the vast majority of Americans:
Americans have the right to honest and accountable political leadership, not leadership that dissembles and shirks responsibility for its public actions.
Anyone who is willing and able to work — regardless of age, race or gender — is entitled to a job that is sufficient to support a family. No CEO is entitled to earn as much in a morning as their employees do all year.
Americans of every age are entitled to adequate healthcare at reasonable cost. They should not be subject to a system designed to maximize profits for pharmaceutical and insurance companies.
American children, wherever they live and whatever their background, have the right to a good education.
Americans should have access to financial safety nets at times of crisis in their lives.
Every American who is willing to study should be able to go to college.
Economic policies should benefit all Americans, not merely the rich and the super rich.
The United States should go to war only when there is absolutely no other choice, only as a last resort.
The United States should be a beacon of leadership to the whole world, not a superpower bully.
The government should demand honesty from corporate leaders, no matter how much they may have contributed to political campaigns.
No group in American society is a legitimate target for hate.
Workers have the right to join one another to seek a just economy for all Americans.
The freedom of all Americans should not be abridged by the government with false arguments about security.
Democrats should appeal to the openness and generosity of the American people, not to fear and greed.

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