Real ID Act

I keep saying it’s getting worse, and then it gets even more worse. I keep thinking, “surely, cooler heads will prevail, here, and this will get scotched, right?” but then stuff like the Real ID Act gets passed, and I’m dumbfounded.
Wil Wheaton’s got a good explanation of what’s going on here. Basically, the government inserted a provision into a completely unrelated bill that will create a National ID card, wherein we will all be registered with the government, and they will be able to track us. And buried in the obscure language of the bill is a provision that says that this bill is not subject to judicial review — meaning that individuals have no recourse if the bill gets abused, as it absolutely will because we have an evil and corrupt president.
I’m back to the question of when did the first Jews leave Germany, and how did they know it was the right time?

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