The Freeway blogger

The Freeway blogger… runs around downtown L.A. placing signs on the overpasses. We had our own little version of that here in Indianapolis at one time, when they were building Conseco Field House… a graffiti artist painted the words “big waste of taxpaper money” with an arrow pointing to Conseco on the northbound overpass on Delaware street. Soon after, the city painted it over. And soon after that, our freeway blogger posted the message “roadblocks are unconstitutional” which got photographed by a local outfit that makes magnets of local retro signage and landmarks. And that’s how our local freeway blogger ended up on a magnet on my refrigerator.
I like the L.A. freeway blogger’s idea of signage much better… cheap and easy to make, effective, but not permanent or damaging to the overpass like spraypaint graffiti is.

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