More about Fallujah and Pictures of War

From a heartrending article on Salon Magazine:

The photograph, appearing on the BBC’s Web site, was from some street or another in Fallujah, Iraq. The caption, although gruesome enough, was a comparatively bland statement that “Bodies have been left uncollected for days.” Yet what the picture depicted was testimony to the unmitigated and unavoidable tragedy of war. In the picture we see the “uncollected” body of a man lying in the street, his arms still clutching yet another uncollected body, that of a child. The child’s body was clasping the man’s shoulders, holding on for what was dear life to the now headless corpse of, who knows, his (or her, you cannot tell) father, uncle, brother, someone he trusted to protect and shelter him. The picture can be seen here.

I cannot help but think of the argument many made, and I myself considered: that this war would ultimately be for the betterment of the Iraqi people. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator after all. Yet these two lives were certainly not improved. To them the spreading of democracy brought only terror and death.

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