Mixed emotions

So many reasons to be happy, and yet…

California and Prop 8 is still to close to call. And as the NY Times explains — “Ban-gay-marriage amendments were approved in Arizona and Florida, and gay rights forces suffered a loss in Arkansas, where voters approved a measure banning unmarried couples from serving as adoptive or foster parents. Supporters made clear that gays and lesbians were their main target.” Such a great day for the entire country, but such a crappy day for gay people. Like Charlie Brown on Halloween. Nothing but rocks.

And there’s this other looming thing that I haven’t yet written about — my mom lost her job last week, and is in a pretty dire situation financially. We’re worried about her losing her house. President Obama sounds great. But it won’t immediately fix this problem that has me lying awake at night. So I’m thrilled, but still pretty frantic.

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