“mass murder on an unimaginable scale”

WTF does that mean? Seriously. I’m reading this article on the latest “terror plot” from the BBC News, and UK Officials are providing absolutely no details whatsoever about what the plot actually was, how close it came to being implemented, what kinds of weapons were involved — nothing, but hyperbole and jacked up security regulations. Details, people, please.
After the last “terror plot” to blow up the Sears Tower, which turned out to be nothing more than some guys sitting around shooting the shit and the White House using a bull session as a excuse to wag the dog, there should be some more damned information released than this if they want to claim a plot would cause “mass murder on an unimaginable scale.”
The only unimaginable scale I can think of for mass murder is the holocaust. Somehow I doubt this terror plot was going to blow up six million people. They say the targets were “as many as 10” aircraft. While that’s very serious, I can still imagine it happening. I don’t think it actually would happen, (I don’t think that many terror organizations really have those kinds of resources) and if it did, I’d be more inclined to vote out the current government than keep it. They fact that they claim this plot came within days of being implemented — that means our government and the UK’s aren’t doing their job. Time to get them out of there and put in some people who will actually implement all the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations.
Seriously, I’m predicting this is all bullshit whipped up by the U.K. on behalf of their buddy Bush because Leiberman lost the primary. (Let me clarify that — I don’t think they’re constructing a terrorist plot out of whole cloth to scare us. I think they’re making a mountain out of a molehill, and that we’re not really in any danger.)
Come on, news media. Prove me wrong. I hope you do.
UPDATE: Sure enough, there’s the Tail Wagging the Dog. And people are reporting that Bob Orr mentioned on The Early Show this morning that the Bush knew about this plot for days. If so, why wait until now to change the security regulations? Why not secure the airlines several days ago to protect passengers? Because Lieberman didn’t lose several days ago.
And in case you were thinking of commenting some stupid shit, before you do: What she said.

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  1. Jay

    I think people are reacting no differently then when Clinton had the White House for 8 years and those on the far right were going ape over it. The same thing is happening now, in my “stupid” opinion.

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