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  1. Rachel

    The other missing BSG character is Tom Zarek, played by Richard Hatch (who played Apollo on the original BSG!) — he could also be the 12th Cylon…

  2. Steph Mineart

    And Matt Hofmann pointed out Ellen Tigh is missing, too, and if she were a cylon, she could have resurrected.
    I don’t think either of them is a major character compared to Dualla, though.

  3. Rachel

    That’s right, I forgot about Ellen. And I love Dualla, I was so glad she and Apollo got back together (I was pissed at Starbuck!!). That actress is really beautiful. As of now, my money is on Zarek for #12 — I just think back to how he has been such an instigator in the fleet, a thorn in Roslin’s side, and a former prisoner to boot. Oh, but then, if Dualla is #12, that opens the door for Apollo and Starbuck to hook up again…dammit! I can’t wait for Season Five!!

  4. Steph Mineart

    My working theory is that the “final 5” cylons – Anders, Tigh, Tyrol, Tory Foster and the remaining unknown broke away from the others before the attack on the colonies, because they disagreed with exterminating humans. So as the attack was going to happen, they positioned themselves to help the survivors escape to find earth.

    That would explain why the other 7 won’t talk about them. I need to go back and watch previous seasons with that theory in mind to see if it holds up, though…

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