Latest GOP Astroturf

Start looking for this letter to the editor in your local papers, witten by the Republicans and distributed to their troops for seeding in the local press:
“Dear XXX,
Yesterday, John Kerry shocked many Americans when he called for “regime change” right here in the U.S. By comparing our commander-in-chief to Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime at a time of war, Kerry showed just what he is willing to say to appeal to liberal Democrat primary voters.
RNC, Chairman Marc Racicot quickly responded saying, ‘Senator Kerry crossed a grave line when he dared to suggest the replacement of America’s commander-in- chief at a time when America is at war. Critical analysis offered in the best interests of the country is part of a healthy democracy. But this use of self- serving rhetoric designed to further Senator Kerry’s political ambitions at a time when the lives of America’s sons and daughters are at stake reflects a complete lack of judgment.’ ”
In a couple of days, Google on the bold phrase and you see how this letter spread. It will appear signed by different people in different papers.
But let me point out the substance of the letter… um, is this a suggestion that we suspend elections until after the war is over? Because that’s certainly what it sounds like. If so, let me be be pre-emptive in my response: IMPEACH BUSH!

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