reform the electoral process

Here is the only legitimate way to reform the electoral process: EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO VOTE IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.
I wasn’t a bit surprised when ol’ Dubya said “we have to respect the state and local election boards”. OF COURSE HE SAID THAT. Because the lack of uniformity in voting is the reason why he and every other Republican is in office today… because poor people in poor counties have an election process that is outdated, inaccurate and subject to massive fraud, and these are the people who vote Democrat. The wealthier counties who can afford an accurate process that ACTUALLY COUNTS THEIR VOTES, and that’s why Republicans get elected.
It’s not in Dubya’s interest to reform the electoral process at all; the inaccuracy and fraud are the only reason he’s in office. It would be like killing the goose that laid his golden eggs.

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