Governor Howard Dean: “Democracy, Freedom, Action”

Excerpts from Dean’s speech At Copley Square in Boston:

216 years ago this September, our founders laid out their vision and purpose for America in the Preamble to our Constitution. But at every turn, the Bush Administration has turned our Constitution on its head.
The Constitution seeks to form a perfect union–but this administration has divided us by race, gender, income, religion, and sexual orientation.
The Constitution seeks to establish Justice–but this administration has appointed radical ideologues to the courts.
The Constitution seeks to insure Domestic tranquility–but this administration has capitalized on domestic fears of terrorism for political gain.
The Constitution seeks to provide for the Common Defense–but this administration has underfunded homeland security and done nothing to protect our ports and harbors.
The Constitution seeks to promote the general welfare–but this administration has cut funding for child care and education.
The Constitution seeks to secure the blessings of liberty for posterity–but this administration has shackled our children and grand children with the largest deficit in the history of our nation through reckless tax cuts.

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