Friday Afternoon News Cycle: We Have Mad Cow

If you watch the news much you learn that the White House routinely releases information it wants you to ignore on late Friday afternoons, so that it misses the last news cycle of the day and doesn’t get much attention over the weekend. Some bloggers pay special attention to the Friday afternoon news cycle for exactly that reason: because the scaryiest shit comes out then. Yesterday’s news: We have mad cow disease in the U.S.

WASHINGTON – Exhaustive tests have confirmed mad cow disease in an animal apparently born in the United States, officials said Friday. It is the second case of the disease confirmed in this country, but Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns stressed there was no threat to public health.
The animal, a “downer” that could not walk, was not killed at a slaughterhouse but at a rendering plant for animals unfit for human consumption, officials said. Johanns would not say where the case turned up, but he said there was no evidence the cow was imported.

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