Congress to give MORE corporate welfare to Oil companies

Despite the fact that oil companies made record profits last year, AND the fact that they just got a huge present of tax cuts in the recent “energy” bill, AND the fact that oil companies were throttling their refinery production to boost prices (and profits) before Katrina hit, the house is still considering throwing out the baby with the bathwater and looking at a bill to handout more to oil companies.
John Edwards keeps pointing out that our country doesn’t reward work, it rewards wealth. People who work hard are forced to work harder, while people who sit back on their accumulated money just keep sitting back and accumulating.
UPDATE: This bill came down to a vote in the House, and the Republicans held the vote open (unethical) so they could twist arms and force people to change their votes. It ended up as a shouting match on the floor of the house, with Democrats shouting “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!” You can see the excitement on video here. The Republicans ended up getting the vote 212 to 210. So not only is our economy going to spiral further downward as oil companies rake in bucks, we’ll have new refineries to pollute our environment, too. Wonderful.

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