Bush Administration Shields Christian Terrorists

Salon Magazine has an article about Christian Terrorist Clayton Waagner, the man who was convicted last week of sending over 550 envelopes of fake anthrax letters to women’s health clinics across the country, including Planned Parenthood clinics here in Indianapolis. Prior to the anthrax threats, Waager had escaped prison where he was being held on weapons and stolen vehicle charges, and went on the run robbing banks, stalking women’s health clinics and preparing violent activities against doctors with other Christian terror cells before he was caught on the anthrax charges.

What’s interesting about all this is how Ashcroft’s Justice Department bent over backwards during Waagner’s trial to ensure that his terrorist past and connections to right-wing anti-abortions groups never got brought up, and to ensure that the media didn’t do any real coverage of Waagner’s trial or history. They also worked hard to downplay how much anguish and chaos the anthrax threats created for the people who received them.

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